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Happy Halloween! Hope it has been adventurous!

I took an “official” LSP costume in the biggest size it came in (that would be a large, or 2 sizes too small for me, because of course it makes sense that only skinny girls want to dress up as LUMPY Space Princess?) and added a Domino Dollhouse tutu and voila! I look fresh to death. And I have the cutest P-Bubs in the world!

Anonymous asked:

There may be a lot of jerks on tumblr, but there are people following you who are inspired by you, as well. Don't let them get you down. <3

Awww you have no idea how much that means to me. And I know, and promise to start writing more stuff again soon. I truly appreciate each and every one of my followers. <3 Please know you made my day happy with this message.

The Ramifications of Hate

I gave Tumblr a break once enough people started noticing my posts that I started to get hate. And I come back on, and I see all these positive things: likes and reblogs, but two really stupid, nasty comments can still overshadow all that positivity. (For which I am immensely grateful, truly.)

Because these people who feel it’s ok to say whatever they want because they don’t like what I have had to say about Target’s plus sizes or a haiku about not letting a man’s opinion change me, these uneducated, obtuse bottom-feeders, they have no fucking idea who I am.

They don’t know or care that I suffer from extreme depression and some days it’s hard to get up.

They don’t know those are the only days what they say can really affect me, really more like trigger memories of every asshole who has traumatized me.

They don’t know that I have the ability to be meaner and nastier and cut them to the bone and probably make them actually cry, no matter who they are, with my words, because the way I grew up, that was Survival 101.

They don’t know that I don’t want to be that person anymore, but they are tempting me.

So I’m gonna just say this: if you aren’t my follower, if you aren’t a feminist or part of fat acceptance or body acceptance or LGBTQIA equality or racial justice or any other good, noble, humanitarian cause, or if you’re just not a decent human being, just find a hobby besides antagonizing people.

Because you don’t know me. And trust me, if you push me too far, you don’t want to.

My answer to all Tumblr haters: sorry you’re sexually frustrated and no one wants to do a douchewad.
Tumblr haters:….(No really I’m interested if you actually get the sex. Otherwise get out of your freaking house. Or if you’re like 13, get off Tumblr.)

Gonna try this online dating bollocks once more I suppose. Expect a glimpse into the dredges of manhood. (The ladies aren’t usually creepy.)


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And humunuh humunuh…

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Gawd yes my personal motto

Gawd yes my personal motto

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Sometimes you just gotta listen to Rihanna on repeat and cry to yourself for no reason in particular on a Wednesday afternoon.